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JAKE THOMPSON, an angry coffeehouse poet, meets MARNI ELLIOT, an attractive, conservative publisher, who is interested in his work. She wants him to enter the Los Angeles Poetron, a contest where poetry is read competitively. Jake rejects the idea because he believes poetry is an art and not a competition. But the beautiful Marni sways Jakeóitís love at first sight. When they tumble into bed together, however, Marni tells him that she is HIV positive. Jake shuns the relationship but they are drawn together by the need to get his poetry published. As they prepare for the poetry slam where he will compete against her former lover, Jake realizes his feelings for Marni and her condition have helped him transcend his anger. The emotional change in Jake allows him to become a better poet and competitor in the LA Poetron competition. NOW LET THE POETRY SLAM BEGIN!!!!!!!
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