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Vanessa Dorman as Shelly Lancaster  

Vanessa Dorman


Best known for her role on the soap opera "Sunset Beach," Vanessa Dorman played spoiled socialite Caitlin Richards-Deschanel.

Although Vanessa was not working in Hollywood as a child actor, she knew she wanted to go into acting at a very young age.

Vanessa's childhood aspiration was to become an actor, and she says that her family gave her a lot of freedom to pursue her dream.

Growing up in Niantic, Connecticut, Vanessa did not find the distance from Hollywood a problem. In fact, she turned down a national ad campaign at a very young age just to stay in her "normal life." Instead, she starred in many of her schools' plays (playing Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz").

Although Vanessa says her first love is theatre, which is why she had been living in New York City, she is back in Los Angeles working in film and television. Since leaving "Sunset Beach," Vanessa has done several notable guest appearances, including a recurring role on "Dawson's Creek."

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